Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waiting For The Rainbow

It isn’t the end of the year, but I’ve got so many surprises till now. From good one to the shocking one. As we growing up, life become more complicated. When you’ve got something that bothering your mind, somehow you just keep thinking about it and make you can’t sleep well. It is really different when I was 9 years old, sleeping really the best medicine. When I woke up, everything seems to be normal again. Ya, that was years before...

If you ask me about my feeling, I’ll answer “inexplicable”. Because it really is.

Have you ever in a condition where you have so many friends but no one who can share your story with?

Have you ever in a condition where the one you trusted are the one who betray you?

Have you ever in a condition where –after all- you think you’re fool? Fooled by people around you?

Have you ever an condition where you have to end it up even before it started?

Have you ever felt disappointed when your prayers be answered too quickly?

Have you ever??

Born as a scorpio, somehow I have some thing that called “revenge”. When I’ve hurted or hate something it’s hard to forgive and forget. I just kept thinking about it. As time goes by, I realize that “revenge” thing wasn’t good, neither for the soul and the body. That was so wasting time and not worth to think about.

Time will prove.

Time will heal.


Today, Octobet 31st 2010, still 61 days to go to 2011.

And here I am, waiting for the rainbow (after the rain).

#nowplaying “Maliq & d’Essentials – Coba Katakan”

....... Lebih baik kita menangis dan terluka hari ini.......

Monday, October 25, 2010

Maliq D’essentials - Untitled

Maliq D’essentials - Untitled

Ketika kurasakan sudah ada
ruang dihatiku yang kau sentuh
dan ketika kusadari sudah
tak selalu indah cinta yang ada
mungkin memang ku yang harus mengerti
bilaku bukan yang ingin kau miliki
salahkah ku bila
kaulah yang ada dihatiku

adakah ku singgah dihatimu
mungkinkah kau rindukan adaku
adakah ku sedikit dihatimu
bilakah ku menggangu harimu
mungkin kau tak inginkan adaku
adakah ku sedikit dihatimu

bila memang ku yang harus mengerti
mengapa cintamu tak dapat kumiliki
salahkah ku bila
kaulah yang ada dihatiku
kau yang ada dihatiku

bila cinta kita tak kan tercipta
ku hanya sekedar ingin tuk mengerti
adakah diriku singgah dihatimu
dan bilakah kau tau
kaulah yang ada dihatiku
kau yang ada dihatiku

*Dulu ngiranya lagu ini berjudul “Ketika”, ternyata aku salah. Enjoy this song :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Hate this Feeling

From: Bluquote

Monday, October 18, 2010

Like this :)


Seminar Internasional - 4th Setia

Seminar Internasional

Empowerment Strategies of Small and Medium Entreprise Facing the CAFTA (China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement) with Entrepreneurship based on Sharia System

Sabtu, 23/10/2010

@ Auditorium Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta



ON THE SPOT (23 OKTOBER 2010) RP. 40.000 (MAHASISWA), RP.60.000 (UMUM)

Ayo... join us! Investasikan uang teman-teman buat dapet ilmu di sini :)