Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kebumen with Mom

Back in June 2013 me and mom went to Kebumen. A place that took 5 to 6 hours road journey in Central Java. It was a picnic held by my father’s biking friends and most of its participant are my neighbours from all age. Haha.
We left  at 11pm in order to arrive at the beach early morning. Because it was a night journey so the traffic was smooth and we arrived too early at the beach, around 4 am.  We took some rest then heard the adzan subuh. After 5 minutes walk to the masjid and prayed subuh we’re back to the beach. Again, since its too early and so cold I cant go near to the baech yet. And lucky me, I coudnt see the sunrise due to the clouds -_-

The sun already rised
Me and mom just walk in beach side without touching the water at all.
While the men a.k.a bpak-bapak played soccer.
After enjoying the morning breeze we took a shower then had breakfast. I love to hear the accent of the local. So unique, hihi.
This was our menu.

Tempe mendoan. This taste best!
And again I couldn’t finish my food because when on journey my stomach couldn’t receive food well and had no appetite. Poor me.
Time out and we moved to the next location, Goa (cave)  Jati jajar.
View from the top
Infront of the cave
Goa Jatijajar is a nature cave with stalactite stalagmite, little river, and some statue in it. The statue tells the myth about the cave.

Tempe mendoan again