Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Visiting Keraton Mangkunegaran

Let’s do time travel again. This time were back in August 2013. Me and my 2 friend, Ayu and Budi went to Keraton Mangkuengaran. It was my very first time visited this place. Keraton Mangkunegaran which also known as Pura Mangkunegaran located in the centre of Solo.
It  opens daily from 9 am – 2 pm, except in Friday close at 12pm.
The ticket price is Rp15.000 (cmiw) and if you need travel guide you may pay him/her as much as you want. My guide is a senior high school girl who intern there.

Yard infront of the Keraton.

Do you see the pillars? According to the myths, if you able to put your hands around this pillar then your wish will come true.
Then, we walk into the museum room, there are the things that used by the former king and queen. Jewelry, money, weapons, and the things that you even didn’t know it exist.

Theres a little greeny park, good for photo spot haha

As you may know, Paundrakarna lives here. And fortunately we met him!

Just his photo though.

It’s nice to learn the history (you need guide for this) and finally see how the royal lived. The plate for food even different, they used from bronze haha.