Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st PSM


Whooo, I miss blogging so much... Really want to share some movies I’ve watched and others stuff but I don’t have enough time to write things down. Anyway, Ied day is 2 more day. Hmm, tomorrow exactly, since it’s already Wednesday. Haha. What do u prepare for that big day? New clothes? New shoes? New skirts? Hmm, nothing wrong with that. But I do hope that we all really mean this big day as a BIG DAY. As a day when we’re really reborn to be a better person, inside and out. As a day when we’re truly apologize to anybody and to God.

Well, I think we all are gonna miss Ramadhan so much..

Anyway, I want to put this picture in my blog. Taken when the first PSM (Praktek Simulasi Manajerial) lecture was held.

Ki-ka : Retna, Melisa, Me, Fia, Sita

Time is up. Get some rest.


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