Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh Hi, I'm Still Here


Holla everybody, I’m still here. Yes, this blog still exist. No worry. *kayak ada yang baca aja.
Why am I so lazy to update this blog? My latest post were in July and I thought it was yesterday -_-
I love to read others blog but when it comes to write mine, this monster called lazy told me a no.

Okay, so hows everyone doing?
Alhamdulillah the rain finally comes. It was so hot yesterday and the water well is almost empty. Yes, still using it.

About a month ago, I met my high school friend, Oki, in Jogja. Since I have something to do there and lucky me Oki could accompany me (ahh thanks a lot). I took the train from Solo and picked up by her at Maguwo Station. We went to the place I needed to visit first, then to her campus, then ate lunch. I’m not really close to her and my last meeting maybe in 2 or 3 years ago. But when we met she told me about her life, a lot, like we’ve just met yesterday. Of course there’s always a lesson to learn.

She told me that she really want to go abroad at a time and then she prayed and prayed and prayed. And then Allah answer her prayer just in 2 weeks. Amazing huh?

Lesson learned number 1 : if you really really want something, pray.

At her campus, UGM.

Another story she told me that we should not really hating on something cause it can happen to you. (kalau bahasa jawanya getting nyanding)
Well it’s not only about love yaa

Lesson learned number 2 :
“Perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” Al baqarah 216

My #ootd

Lunch with Oki

Couple week  after that I must going back to Jogja. I went there with my junior high school friend Nina. We met at the train because we departed from different station. In the train I sit next to her and in front of us there are 2 girl. They are Nina’s neighbor and Nina’s friend ( at first I’ve misheard as her friend). Let’s call Nina’s friend as “A”. on our way to Jogja “A” was talking a lot about her job. When we arrived at jogja we rode a taxi to our next destination. We have same destination btw. In the taxi, she told us lot more about her life. Then I aksed my Nina how do she met “A”? She said that she  just met “A” in the train.
What?? Just met and already she share about her life to stranger?
What surprised me that she was really an outgoing person. She told us about her job, her point of view of good or halal job and not, her husband, her hobbies etc.  How can there be a person that tells you much about her/his life while you just met?

Lesson learned:
Because sharing is caring, your story of life can inspired or give different perpectives to others. It’s like seeing life from another eye.


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