Thursday, March 28, 2013

Akai Ito


Ada yang pernah nonton Akai Ito? Dorama Jepang 11 episode yang bercerita tentang kehidupan anak sekolahan (SMP-SMA). Dorama ini jadi salah satu favorit saya. Saya suka alur cerita dan akting pemain yang nggak berlebihan. Ceritanya juga nggak hanya berfokus pada dua pemeran utama saja. Plus, theme song nya enak. Entah kenapa kalau denger lagu atau OST dorama Jepang rasanya enak-enak aja. Dulu pernah jadi nge-youtube band Remioromen karena mereka yang ngisi OST One Litre of Tears. Dan memang keren. Ahaha.
Anw, kali ini saya nggak membahas soal cerita doramanya kok. Hanya suka sama tulisan-tulisan yang ada di awal dan akhir tiap episode.
Check this out!

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God tied you and I together by your little fingers with a long redstring.
This bond of this destiny cannot be seen and there is no map to you.
So I will fall in love with you when I meet you.

What is the boundary between being friends and being lovers?
Perhaps you only find out once you’re crossed it.
My love, it may have started that day.

Our first encounter was by chance.
Our second meeting was destiny.
If this is true, is it also our destiny to pass each other by?

Why is it?
That we think it’s so important...
That we live without hurting anymore, I wonder?

You can’t put your true feeling into words.
I can’t express my important feelings.
If the two of us could exchange the feelings in our hearts.
Would we see ...
Would we see that destiny was on our side?

There’s so much I want to tell you.
There’s so much I want to hear.
But, if after learning everything, our love breaks...
Then I’d rather be as I am now.

When I think about my friend.
When I think about the one I like..
There’s something important thats always just out of sight.
Is there really anything out there I can count on?

I never even realized.
So many people were there protecting me.
Those important things, I had to lose them to realize it.

Is everyone doing well?

Dan ini coba dengar OST nya.

Ternyata Akai Ito ini ada filmnya juga, tapi nggak nemu linknya :(


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